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I hate 500 fc cash they contstantly call my employer after i advised them not to . how can you attempt to collect on late fees when the account was settled .

They are the biggest pieces of Sh** i ever met in my life. I will never ever do another pay day loan again . I have made a complaint about them a formal complaint hopefully they will lose their license . The last rep i spoke to Carrie was the rudest person that i ever spoke with in my life.

I finally told her that according to the FDCPA if i place it in writing for you not to call me and you continue that she can be fined .

She had the nerve to tell me do whatever i feel the supervisor Keisha is a *** fat heifer . I am over it

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Sheridan, Wyoming, United States #628234

I agree that they are piece of SHITnit. We need start class action.

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